Peças originais e exclusivas

As peças são feitas uma a uma, o que lhes confere um aspecto único. Embora possam ser parecidas, nunca são exatamente iguais. Ao modelar, pintar e queimar cada peça, esta adquire características próprias, mesmo em relação às cores, pois no forno a gás cada queima é uma surpresa, tudo pode interferir no resultado final, a temperatura e oscilação da mesma, a localização da peça no forno, assim é impossível a fiel reprodução de peças em série. Podemos fazer peças parecidas, mas idênticas nunca.
São ideais para personalizar diversos trabalhos artísticos e artesanais. As peças são laváveis, podendo assim ser aplicadas até mesmo em roupas que precisam ser lavadas com frequencia.
Usando a imaginação é possível criar mil usos para as peças em cerâmica. Aplicações em bolsas, carteiras, quadros, caixas de MDF, scrapbooking, mosaico, montagem de colares, brincos, pulseiras, anéis, cintos, tiaras e muito mais.


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quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011


Passando pelo vi uma dica desse site onde  a Erica Domesek, autora do livro "P.S. - I made this", dá dicas de diversos tutoriais de customização. Veja alguns.
Don’t walk to the beach… run!   It’s the time of year when millions pack  their beach bags to head  towards the sunshine and sand for some R&R.  Donning a cute  bikini  is a DO, as is donning proper sun protection *P.S.- Protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays will lessen chances   for wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer, and eye damage- so take note and  action!  I recently took a trip to the Bahamas, where my friend Rebecca Minkoff (one of the most amazing & creative business-savvy ladies I   know), was sporting a j’amazing over-sized beach visor.  I died to  DIY  this, P.S.- just ask her! 
Yes, you can make it!  Here’s how: Reach for a sun hat.  I picked up a $5 straw hat at Kmart.    Use sharp scissors to slice off the top part of the hat, leaving a lip   of approximately 3 inches. P.S.- Save the top of the hat for a cute   bowl- I filled mine with pretzels, true story!  Next, slice the brim of   your hat with a slight curve on the ends.  Note: if you have a tiny   head, you will have to make your space between sides larger.  Use   scissors to make 4 tiny holes approx. 1-inch from the outside of the  hat.  The holes could rip if made too close to the edge.  Lace  rope (or  opt for ribbon) through the holes and tie together for your   sensational sun hat!  
P.S.- Check out Refinery 29’s Sun Hat roundup that may inspire other sunny DIY’s.Birds of a feather flock together!  I teamed up with Who What Wear for a DIY that I’m DIY-ing over.  This season were seeing flirty and fancy feather detail all over the place.  Follow in flight and join the ranks of Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Cynthia Rowley, and more.  Boasting frilly feathers say a lot about your personality: You’re bold, a fashion risk taker, love to twirl on the dance floor, and have a keen eye for beautiful things.  Get involved with a trend that transcended from 1920 Flappers and continues to make our arms flap.  For a DIY do, take my advice and take the plumage plunge!
Choose your favorite feather trim and a skirt of the same color. With just a pair of scissors and fabric glue, you will be in business and ready to fly away with your newest DIY fashion.  Glue and wrap the entire way up, starting at the bottom, leaving approx. 2-3 inches.  P.S.- Check the weather report: Feather weather is in full effect!Neutral tones are making noise this Spring and we hear them calling our name.  These soft hues of beige, buff, tan, and sand speak a soft and delicate tone while screaming sophistication. This season, Fendi’s shoe combined the perfect platform with wrapped accents that we cannot stop oogaling!  Channel you inner prima ballerina whether your dating, dancing or looking picture perfect and pirouette-ready.
For your version of this eye-catching statement shoe,  pick up a pair of nude heels. Here are some of my favs: Hit up Macy’s for cute Guess & Jessica Simpson styles also check out Aldo, Steve Madden P.S.- (Mine are Zara).  Once you pick the neutral shoe best for you, pick a sheer stocking that will complement. Snip off the legs, and get creative with wrap methods. Play is safe and stylish… P.S.- stay neutral! Clarity is a rarity and we strive to achieve it!  As I’ve gushed, all things with see-thru hues are first-rate especially when we’re highlighting beautiful fixtures that have really become fixtures in our everyday lives. An eye-catching light fixture or chandelier creates a bold and elegant element in any space!  For this bulb-baring project, you simply need to empty water bottles, not your pockets! 
Slice a bunch of bottoms off bottles- I prefer to live greener with Dasani’s Plant Bottles, pierce holes using a pin, string and knot fishing line, hang evenly around a circular tube  (find tubing at your local hardware store).  Drop in a lamp kit- and you’re ready to light up your life!
P.S.- Click here to enter the Green hat give-away from now until Earth Day!!! We’re all Material Girls, living in Material worlds, thanks to Madonna and Maripol!  Although Madonna knew how to “Express Herself”, it was her friend and mother of all stylists, Maripol who created and crafted iconic looks into Fashion’s hall of fame!  A recent comeback and kick a** capsule collaboration with Marc Jacobs, has old fans freaking and newbies in the know.  The entire collection pays homage to her rubber stretchy bracelets, bobby pin necklaces, & neon flairs, all donning her signature tri-bolbus DNA structure-like tag.  Get ‘em while you can… P.S. the packaging is also DOPE (wouldn’t expect anything less).
To make your own stunning chic collar statement necklace hit up your local coffee shop.  The lovely people at Dunkin’ Donuts had these cranberry colored coffee stirrers for my Designer DIY.  Get creative with colors and collar shape by shaping with a few snips after you sew the straw on.  Make sure you double up your thread for extra support.
P.S.- Check out Maripol’s site to get inspired, and see more of her outrageous Polarama world!  Thank you Marc and Maripol for teaming up-truly J’amazing!

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  1. Interessantíssimas essas idéias. Gostei principalmente a do salto alto e da luminária. Muito legais! As duas primeiras não abriram. Beijão com o meu parabéns!